Design of web pages and on-line stores

Your web site is the hearth of your digital strategy, assure that it’s kept active for your potencial customers and that it doesn’t drive them away before they do what you’re expecting.

Characteristics of our web pages and on-line store

In Manifiesto Digital we are experts on creating premium web pages and on-line store that function either in the backend and frontend for an efficient function. We take exhaustive care in the interface function always based on the digital design standards and the user’s experience, all of this to achieve the web site objectives.


We take very serious the UI (user’s interface) and UX (user’s experience) design, that’s why our web design are attractive, focused on the users experience and an original and alluring interface design.


The web site design respond and adapts to all mobile devices shown for you not to lose any conversion rate.


Integrating the SSL code in your site to provide security for your visitors and a good rating in Google, at the same time that penalties are avoid and prevent for appearing in 20th page as browsers results.


Following SEO standards on Page for a correct positioning of your site in the browsers.

Self – Manageable

Providing tutorial videos for you to learn the basic functions of your website without the need of third’s interventions.


Developing pages that function frontend and backend that generates conversions.

All of our web pages and on-line stores include:

Model – Draft design

Before beginning with the on-line implementation of your web site, we make sure to mock-up the ideal web site, that is why we generate a demo in which can be explored the architecture of the information and the ideal interface design to accomplish the standards of the user’s experience and the premium design, personalized that is deserved. 

What does it include?

A PDF file with the final visualization, pictures and reviewed texts. This file will be the one in which we’ll make modifications, adjustments or corrections. Once it is 100% done, the launch on-line will begin.

Hosting and web domain

In order for a web site to be visible, it is need two main acquisitions: the web domain and web hosting. Let’s think the web site as a person, the domain is its name and the web hosting is the house where it lives.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

The SSL Security Certificates will protect the private information, such as credit cards, user’s names, passwords, etc. Otherwise, it will: 

  • Keep safe the server’s data.
  • Rise Google’s rating.
  • Help you build and raise the trust of your clients.
  • Improve the conversions rates.
  • The certificate should be shown in the final user’s computer in order to be trustable. If it is not trustable, the browser will show error’s messages. In cases of e-commerce, the outcome of organizations that make these kind of mistakes are the immediate lack of confidence in the web-site and the risk of losing most of their consumers.

    Technical Support

    We also offer a service of technical support, free with no charges during the first six months after the web site is deliver.

    Tutorial Videos

    After the website is deliver, you’ll be getting a series of recorded tutorial videos in which we’ll provide training about how to use the basic functions of your web site in order for you to continue making actualizations without the need to turn up to third parties.

    **It is a basic level capacitation.

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